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Restriction of Travel in the United States

One of the first things a controlling government power will try to do when taking control is control travel and movement of the people. If you can control where people are and how they get their you can essencially have a much easier time controlling those people, and that is where we are at now.

In this country over the past few years travel has been restricted more and more. TSA in the airports offer a Gestapo like enforcement of international and trans continental travel, making it such a hassle and so personally unconfortable many people are no longer willing to even go to the airport. And of course the TSA is on its way from the airport to your local highway checkpoints, football games, school plays, and train stations too.

If you live in Illinois you know that most highways have microphones and cameras about every half mile and on every street corner in bigger cities. Also in Illinois toll rates just doubled, to get from the suburbs to Chicago you could be looking at as much as $5 in tolls each way! Obviously restricting tollways use to only those who can afford it.

In the next few years I predict tolls going up even more, more cameras, more TSA, less freedom, safety, and WWIII in the middle east. Get ready everyone because this is how countries die and you have a front row seat to the mayhem!


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