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Remember When Sean Hannity Was Fun?


I was fresh out of high school, on my own, 18 years old working construction and enjoying adulthood. Working construction most of the guys just listen to classic rock stations which play great music, is it wasn’t the same 20 songs on a loop for 8 hours. So I started searching for other things to listen to and keep my mind agile. After a few weeks of searching I came across a station playing Rush Limbaugh, I’de heard of the man but only in being made fun of in things like Family Guy, Mallrats, and other popular TV shows. At this point in time I really had no political philosophy at all and could care less about the government. I found that after listening to Rush a few times to figure out why everyone hated him so much that I rather enjoyed his show and became a daily listener, from their I found Sean Hannity Mark Levin and even started listening to NPR and Air America so I could know who the people he was mocking and talking about where. I really found that I agreed with just about everything these guys had to say and I still to this day will give them credit for starting my initial progression towards who I am today. As a few years went by I would still listen to the big 3 but had started listening more to people like Jason Bermas, Alex Jones, and from their to people like Jim Marrs, David Wilcock, Josh Reeves, Project Camelot and the list could go on and on, Eventually I was barely listening to Rush or Sean at all, but recently I gave them each a good listen and found my taste for their shows has drastically changed. The way they talk so poorly about Ron Paul the most conservative person running for president and ramped up Newt Gingrich who no one really seems to like EXCEPT them blew me away. I was expecting to tune back in to my old friends and have a nice reunion but these days I cant stand them any more than I can stand Keith Oberman! This election has truly shown me the truth, that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh truly are poster boys for the Republican party and nothing else.



One thought on “Remember When Sean Hannity Was Fun?

  1. hi Mr Host, good commentary and i agree in that i don’t really listen to Hannity anymore basically because he is not as entertaining as Rush or Mark Levine. i like to cap off my radio listening night catching Mark (who really lays it on the line) and i have a good laugh just before “coast to coast am” comes on. I’ll catch ya soon “on the flip-side” mr. Host,
    Johnny O.

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