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Total Recall TSA: From X Ray Tunnels to Shock Bracelets

By Anthony Kort.

From body scanners to crotch grabbing, the TSA has been unfolding new invasive equipment and pat down procedures little by little ever since their formation shortly after the 9/11 attacks. There have been many recent similarities to the movie “Total Recall” where they had x-ray hallways that scanned the entire body of the individual to the bone. Do you remember the screen where they went after Schwarzenegger after walking through the device with a weapon?

Well, this whole idea has slowly become reality as the newest technology has been created and talked about in the security technology world. In this Yahoo Travel article,[1] it explains how they’ve initiated this type of process where your every move is tracked the second you enter the airport at Dallas’s Love Field.[2] It also mentions that there will eventually be a screening tunnel that you will walk through which would replace the metal detectors (Pictured above). Not just one tunnel though, there are three tunnels in a row, which divide the citizens into “classes” which follows TSA’s new “Pre-check program” that essentially classifies you as less of a threat to pass through an area that is less crowded if you buy into the program, paying $100 for a no guarantee application.

So the normal Americans who cannot afford this have to wait in the Peasant tunnel, while the frequent flying rich are falsely led to believe that they will be able to stream on through for giving up more rights and paying a fee. This program also requires it’s participants to give up bio-metrical data such as fingerprints, iris scans, etc. through this and also through registered traveler programs (ie. Clear, Nexus).

More and more, it feels like they have been treating the American people like cattle. An example of this was talk of the “Safety Bracelet” or “Electronic ID bracelet” being used for security at airports. The term safety couldn’t be more wrong to the person wearing it, as it could send high voltage shocks throughout the body, completely immobilizing the wearer. [3]


This reminds me of a shock collar that they sell to subdue out of control pets, now bridging that idea to the use with humans; a perfect example of how they treat the people of the USA as out of control cattle that cannot help themselves and must be protected before the slaughter. The psychology to this age old tactic is simple, Obey or be shocked! All this and as if Tasers didn’t cause enough accidental deaths already, according to Amnesty International, between 2001 – 2008, 351 people in the United States were killed from being shocked by police using tasers.[4]

I recall reading a report or two about the body scanner being used at a few airports as a test even before the underwear bomber incident ever happened. It seems like they were waiting for a bigger reason to roll out the machines so that the American Public would be more willing to accept the measures as a result of fear. Let me also say on a side note that the Patriot Act, the Iraq war and Afghan war were all planned before the 9/11 attacks.[5]

According to this article, the TSA had already purchased 150 body scanners at 170k a piece, and were using 40 of those scanners across the nation at the time of the 2009 underwear bomber incident.[6]

It seems that there desire to expand the use of this technology was high especially since former Homeland Security chief and Patriot Act co-author, Michael Chertoff, would be a huge benefactor of these sales. The Chertoff Group was his consultant firm which represented the technology that was widely purchased by the TSA by the nation’s tax dollars.[7] The scanners of which were deemed completely useless by anonymous TSA employees and bloggers like Jon Corbett. Corbett recently had his case in the Supreme Court declined to be reviewed, a case that exploited the ineffectiveness of the scanners which he proved in his own video you can see below. [8]

It’s interesting how they develop an expensive solution to the problems that arise, solutions which are deemed useless and then the same companies already have their next useless gadgets or programs to replace the failed ones. The consultant firms that benefit from all of this are made up of Chertoff and senior Homeland Security Officials. It has been recently noted by the VP of Rapiscan, Peter Kant, that they have a prototype of a walkway body scanner.

So there you have it, they were already developing the replacement for the crap they sold to us – much like electronic companies do to keep you buying. So it seems that profits are the main concern to these people more than safety.

There has been a lot of recent criticism of the TSA, from theft to inefficiency, even from the House Transportation committee chairman, Rep. John Mica. In this article,[9] Mica criticizes the TSA’s effectiveness, as weapons and prohibited items still surpass security all of over the country. At first you think that criticism about the TSA from a person in political power would be a good thing, but when you take a longer look at their track record, you may find a hidden motive. Mica has deep connections to security contract firms who have benefited from the Screening Partnership Program, which requires the TSA to privatize a small percentage of its airport security in the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA).

Now you might think Privatization would be a good thing and ease us out of TSA, but the TSA Standard Operating Procedures are still used at every airport using private security as well as TSA’s overseeing presence remains. The money used to pay for this so called “Privatized Security” comes from the same exact place and nothing seems to change out of this program besides Mica’s campaign donors and friends making truckloads of the same wasted money.

A notable campaign contributor to Mica, Covenant Aviation Security(CAS) holds the contracts at San Francisco Airport (SFO) and, formerly, Sioux Falls. The Former head of CAS, Gerald Berry has connections to Boeing, FAA and worked for TSA as their liaison representative,[10] and it seems that he made important connections during this time to be the best on the bidding list when CAS won these contracts. It is also maintained that CAS has been the top private contractor for these jobs despite numerous law suits that you can discover online, as well as major security breaches.[11] Other notable campaign contributors to John Mica are Raytheon, Lockheed Martin (who has ties to Covenant), and First Line security who together have donated over $70,000 to his campaigns.

In the end, the American people’s civil liberties are being infringed inch by inch as we head closer to George Orwell’s 1984 model. This has all been a take-over of our society in increments to build us into a police state. They use our money to buy equipment that is inefficient, only to spend and siphon even more of it to replace it with something that infringes our privacy even deeper while they stand to profit. They give us false hopes of privatization, to only give  the TSA the ability to dig their executive heels in deeper. This allows them to play a puppet master role while our tax dollars are still sucked away by their Corporate crony contractors, which are revolving doors for government insiders. More and more, our airports look like a scene from Total Recall, the model they already planned to roll out and profit from, before there were any major terror attacks. What else do they have planned for after the next possible attack? Only time will tell.

Personal message from the writer: Don’t forget that National Opt-Out week is coming up. This Thanksgiving, freedom lovers from coast to coast who will be flying will stick it to the man by opting out of being radiated by the body scanners. Travel safe!


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