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37 Good Reasons to Vote YES on Prop 37

By Anthony Kort – 10/15/12.

There has been a lot of controversy and disinformation regarding the California State wide Proposition, Prop. 37, that will be voted on this coming November. It would require all food companies and farmers to label their products if they contain any GMO ingredients, and require them to remove the words “natural” if they do. Although this proposition is for California, this could affect labeling for food that is provided for most of the country and the entire world and force companies to be honest. Monopolies like Monsanto, DuPont, and Carghil (All biotech giants) have been fighting tooth and nail against this campaign. So The Media decided to look into many of the reasons that these corporations don’t want people to know what they are eating, in fact, 37 of those reasons.

So here we go.

1. Consumers should have the right to choose and to know what they’re eating.

2. The main company (Monsanto) supporting NO on 37 created Agent Orange. The same chemical used over Vietnam.[1]

3. These crops have been proven to cause tumors in lab tests.[2]

4. GMO’s cause liver damage in rats.[3]

5. They cause kidney damage in rats.[4]

6. They cause infertility in rats,[5] and hamsters.[6]

7. They caused hair to grow in the mouths of hamsters.[7]

8.The Biotech giants aren’t required to conduct long term safety studies on GMO’s.[8]

9. GMO’s create super weeds, and super insects that evolve to circumvent the crop protection.[9]

10. Former top executive and lobbyist of the GMO company, Monsanto, Michael R. Taylor was appointed deputy commissioner of foods for the FDA. He helped write the regulation during the Clinton Administration to allow rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) into US food and children’s milk which has subjected the public to increase risk for many types of cancer.[10]

11. Michael R. Taylor also fought for “substantial equivalence” during the same time period, to prohibit the distinction between GMO and normal crops.

12. The FDA does no independent testing of GMO’s.[11]

13. GMO crops could cause major ecological damage to the environment that cannot be reversed.[12]

14. If these crops weren’t harmful, the chemical giants wouldn’t finagle to gain higher office in order to change the rules regarding GMO distinction (aka. substantial equivalence. See reason number 10.)

15. Billionaire, Bill Gates, has 500,000 shares held in Monsanto and has openly stated he would like to lower the population by 10-15%. [13]

16. Chemical Companies like Monsanto have spent $7.1 million dollars to defeat prop 37. Together, Companies like Monsanto have raised over $37 million and counting to defeat prop. 37.

17. The companies fighting to label the food are already required to label the food as GMO in over 50 countries in the world.[14] For example, all of Europe, Japan, Australia, and EVEN China.

18. California has the 8th largest Economy in the world. This would serve as an example to other large economies to follow suit.

19. California has been the number one food and agricultural producer in the U.S. for more than 50 consecutive years.[15]

20. More than half the nation’s fruit, nuts, and vegetables are grown in California. [16] So half of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts would be labeled GMO: which is why the chemical giants and food corporations are fighting hard to keep their agenda afloat.

21. If these crops weren’t harmful, they would promote them to be labeled just like all of the other ingredients.

22. If it cost these corporations so much money, then why are they spending far more than they would lose labeling the product as they already do in other countries?

23. These Chemical companies spend about a million dollars a day in their campaign to confuse voters about the measure.[17]

24. If food companies have to reformulate their products for California, then they will have to for the rest of the country and the world. This would put a huge dent in GMO cancer causing crops.

25. This is probably the only chance to stop the monopoly of our food supply that companies like Monsanto, Cargill, and Dupont have.

26. Products that are falsely labeled as “natural” and/or “Organic” still contain GMO’s and pesticides. (i.e. Kashi etc.)[18]

27. Monsanto’s definition of GMO’s on their own website: “Plants or animals that have had their genetic makeup altered to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs.”[19]

28. The “No on 37” campaign lied about a Doctor they used in their own commercial which claimed he worked for Stanford University. Dr. Henry Miller was really a “research fellow” from the Hoover institution.[20]

29. Dr. Henry Miller, specialist from the “No on 37” commercial, said that people who were exposed to low radiation levels around Fukushima may have benefited from it.[21]

30. Dr. Henry Miller, the specialist they used and lied about in the “No on 37” commercial, was the founder of the Advance of Sound Science Coalition. A Phillip Morris backed company that tried to discredit the links between tobacco products and cancer.

31. Dr. Henry Miller, (See reasons 27 and 28) has argued for the re-introduction of DDT, a toxic pesticide so bad, that it has been banned since 1972.[22]

32. Dr. Henry Miller, (See previous reasons) is on the scientific advisory board for the George C. Marshall Institute, which is known to be funded by big oil.[23]

33. 90% of Americans want foods containing GMO to be labeled.[24]

34. For the sake of humanity, our children, and our children’s children.

35. Despite popular belief, GMO’s haven’t increased the yields of crops.[25]

36. We are what we eat. So, If we eat Soylent green, then we ARE Soylent green.

37. Millions have already signed petitions telling the FDA to Label GMO’s, as should you. So sign the petition here:

This concludes The Media’s 37 Good Reasons to Vote YES on 37.

All research and writing by A.Kort for / PLEASE SHARE, LINK AND REBLOG!


6 thoughts on “37 Good Reasons to Vote YES on Prop 37

  1. Wow, how could anyone possibly stand against labeling GMO’s? Even if you (where an idiot) didnt think they where dangerous labeling them hurts no one except big agro. The people buying it only stand to gain.

  2. I’m thinking of my children and my grand children eating these unlabeled foods. I hope you continue to get the word out about GMO’s. Vote YES on Prop 37.

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