Kyle Phillips

Primo Flavor Station Review

Kyle Phillips

The Primo Flavor Station is a new device that allows you to make soda from the comfort of your own home, and for much cheaper than buying the name brand from a store. This is done by carbonating water and adding syrup, similar to how soda is made in a fountain machine at restaurants.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why is Kyle telling me about a soda machine on a mainly political website?” so lets get down to the most important reasons why you should consider a Flavor Station in your own home.

1. The Flavor Station allows you to use your own water, and who knows what water you’re getting when you buy soda at the store? Now you can have a bottle of pop made with water of the same quality you drink at home using your own filtration system.

2. The Flavor Station utilizes a reusable BPA free bottle which is good for you and good for the environment.

3. Primo soda syrups use real sugar and do not contain aspartame or high fructose corn syrup.

4. As far as my research has found, Primo Water does not work with Senomyx, the company responsible for using HEK293 a compound from aborted fetuses for flavor enhancement. Pepsi however does.

Besides being a much healthier alternative to store bought soda, the Flavor Station is an awesome addition to any kitchen or bar. Each 15oz bottle of syrup makes a 24 case worth of soda and takes up a fraction of the space, so instead of having your whole fridge packed full of hundreds of cans of pop, you can have one nice neat row of bottles that cost less than half the price.

Primo offers a wide selection of flavors including one that tastes very much like RedBull, which can all be found along with CO2 refills for the machine and extra sport bottles at Lowe’s. To get right down to the meat and potatoes: it’s cheap, it’s healthy, and it’s fun. I recommend the Primo Flavor Station for anyone and everyone who drinks soda.


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