Constant Injustice

Voting for Obama/Romney is a Retroactive Vote for Bush.

By Anthony Kort 11/5/12.

With the Presidential election only one day away, the political weather has reigned in full force as the MSM has continued their black out of any third party coverage for the 2012 election. If you’ve been on Facebook lately then you have seen a few posts regarding which candidates your friends think should lose and which candidates they think should win. Do some of these posters include some of the same people that heavily criticized George W. Bush for his war mongering with Iraq and Afghanistan? The people who have stayed silent during the last 4 years of Obama’s Presidency while President Obama has continued nearly every policy from the Bush administration, even granting them protection from prosecution for illegal detention and torture of Gitmo detainees. [1]

Here are some reasons people voted for Obama, and then some facts exposing the reality of those promises made by Obama:

1. He’ll end the wars and will start doing so day one!

  • Fact: He did not end any of Bush’s wars completely and didn’t make huge troop withdrawals from Iraq until recently – much longer than promised as a day 1 priority.[2]

2. He’ll revive the outlook the world has on the U.S.

  • With recent events from Benghazi to endless unconstitutional drone strikes – the world despised the U.S.A. the same if not worse than when Bush was in office

3. Universal Health Care with Public option!

  • The Public option is off the table.[3] The deal only benefits insurance companies and requires the people to pay for something they can’t all afford. Obama originally criticized the type of care Obama care ended up becoming in a debate against Hilary Clinton, where Obama said: “If you’re going to mandate the purchase of insurance and it’s not affordable. Then there’s going to have to be some enforcement mechanism that the government uses and they may charge people who already don’t have healthcare, fines or have to take it out of their paychecks and that I don’t think is helping those without health insurance.” HR 3962 (Obama Care) actually mandates that you buy insurance showing that Obama completely flip flopped on having a mandate that requires all Americans to buy health insurance or face penalties.[4] The original basis of how he sold the idea of his health care act.

4. He’ll stop the lobbyists control in Washington! No lobbyist will serve in his Whitehouse!

  • A.     Fact: This was a complete and utter lie. Obama’s Whitehouse empowers lobbyists by allowing them to set themselves apart from the name and fly under the radar calling themselves consultants, etc. which is a loopholes that Obama encouraged if you read between the lines of the rhetoric.[5] In fact, he put the former Senior VP of the National Council of La Raza (HUGE lobby that received millions in stimulus money)[6], Cecilia Munoz, as director of the Domestic Policy Council in the Whitehouse.


  • B.   Another Lobbyist who is a counselor to VP Joe Biden, Steve Ricchetti, utilized Obama’s lobbyist loophole to deregister as one while still remaining president of his firm Richetti Inc. which has clients such as Fannie Mae, GM, American Hospital Association and Eli Lilly etc.[7]

5. He voted against the wiretapping in the Patriot Act!

  • Fact: He signed and reauthorized the Patriot Act including the wiretapping he gloated voting against during his 2008 campaign for President.[8] He then also signed the controversial N.D.A.A which allows the indefinite detention of Americans with no judge and no jury. Obama even lied when he said that he attempted to redact indefinite detention from the Bill but then his administration sued to keep the indefinite detention.

6. Obama supports LGBT!

  • A. Obama, just like most issues, has only verbally given support to the community without offering any legislation to support LGBT.[9]

Reasons People say they will vote for Romney:

1. Anyone but Obama!

  • This reminds me of that same thing I heard during the last election “ANYONE but Bush or another Republican!”

2. He’ll save us from the terrible economy.

  • A.  Romney criticized Obama for not spending enough on military and doesn’t offer a plan that spends significantly less or is any different than Pres. Obama’s.
  • B.  Romney has said that Ben Bernanke is doing a good job[10] and that he supported the bailouts for the failing banks[11] even after our credit rating has been lowered by two different companies[12] due to the policies of the Federal Reserve and the White House.

3. He’ll stop Obama care! He promised to do so day 1!

  • A.  See Romney Care. (Blueprint to Obama care with insurance mandates upon the citizen!)
  • B. Romney has flip-flopped on nearly every issue in his political career based on which lobbyists were paying him.

The people were almost up in arms over the tyranny we endured under George W. Bush and it all came to a screeching halt when Obama sprung up as the one against everything that was Bush. Have the people been convinced that being lied to so blatantly and being cheated on is acceptable after so much abuse? It seems that the American public has become that poor female you would see on shows like Jerry Springer who keeps getting screwed by their boyfriend over and over again. They keep coming back for more abuse because it’s all they think they can get, and it’s all they know. All the American people have suffered from the poor decisions of our politicians who conveniently blame the other side of the paradigm. How have we allowed the MSM to convince us that it’s okay when Barack Obama commits the same atrocities most of us were all so passionate about just years ago?


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