Constant Injustice

Police Shoot & Kill Unarmed, Off-Duty Marine in Palm Springs, Calif

By: A. Kort.

Police shot and killed a Camp Pendleton Marine last Saturday at 2a.m. in Palm Springs, CA. According to my, the Marine repeatedly ignored orders to stop by officers on bike patrol who approached his vehicle.[1] Cpl. Allan DeVillena II died at the scene, and a lone passenger was unharmed but arrested for public intoxication and outstanding misdemeanor, Police refused to release his name.[2]

The media was able to obtain the passenger’s name, a Pfc. Clint Harris who was later released.[3]

Allan DeVillena, the victim’s father, said that his son and friend were out celebrating the 237th birthday of the Marine Corps. His father also said that his son served in Afghanistan and only had 2 months remaining until the end of his enlistment.

“In the course of these events, fearing for their safety and the safety of others both officers discharged their weapons,” an official police statement said.[4]

The statement continued “As the officers rode outside, they heard yelling coming from inside the parking structure. The officers rode into the structure to investigate. They saw a male individual walking towards a black Chrysler 300 that was stopped facing the south wall. They recognized him, as well as the suspect driving the vehicle, from an earlier interaction with the two involving public intoxication that had been successfully resolved without incident.”[5]

Authorities reported to have later discovered a stolen phone in the vehicle, and also claimed they discovered identification of its owner in DeVillena Jr.’s pocket.

The victims Aunt, Vivian de Villena-Gaoiran, vowed to fight and prosecute the 2 officers involved.

“It’s heartbreaking the way they’re trying to portray him…We know it’s not true. It’s not AJ. We know it and the Marine Corps knows it.”

De Villena-Gaoiran insulted the bad behavior police portrayed of her nephew, and referred to it as “extremely out of character.”

“I know my nephew… He would never do that. He has money. There’s no reason for him to steal. This guy was brought up going to church…he is a religious man.”[6]

The family’s suspicions and outrage went unreported by certain MSM outlets that have also reported this story.[7],[8]

The Media will update this story as more information is revealed! Return for updates every hour! was the main source for this story.


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