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Rahm Emanuel Commits Felony Eavesdropping

By Kyle Phillips.

In the state of Illinois, there is much controversy over the Eavesdropping act that makes it a felony to record anyone in any way without their permission. Many people have been arrested, charged and even jailed over this act that the press and many citizen journalists have come face to face with and in the case of anyone who has read it or dealt with it: fear. It was a load off my back when they let it up temporarily during the NATO protests in Chicago.

The act allows for the immediate arrest of anyone recording in public, where another person can be heard inadvertently, even for instance a parent recording a child’s sports game. This law has been used by Dekalb and Sycamore Police to arrest a man just for presenting a tape recorder that was not active after asking permission to use it in the case reported by[1] When Rahm Emanuel secretly records members of the press without their permission and without even telling them, it’s “Much ago about nothing” in his own words.

Illinois Politicians and police have made a reputation for themselves as dirty crooks, who don’t have anyone’s back except their own. This is yet another case of Illinois politicians breaking a law that the rest of us are bound by for their own selfish reasons. Emanuel claims his staff broke the law unintentionally as many Citizens arrested under that act have, but isn’t the law the law? Furthermore, isn’t ignorance to the law not an excuse? That is assuming that this same staff that has dealt with many questions pertaining to the law and even publicly declared it temporarily inactive for protests  and was unaware of its existence. Unlikely and arguably, impossible.

Rahm Emanuel needs to be brought to justice, the same justice that has caused great damage to the lives of hundreds of citizen journalists across Chicago and the rest of Illinois by his and the and other Illinois politicians rule. If he is not brought up on these charges than there truly is no more rule of law, at least not for those at the helm of it.

I personally left a message at the office of Rahm Emanuel asking him to answer for this felony offense that has landed many people in jail and will update this article if I hear back. (Don’t get your hopes up)


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